Manuela Camacho confesses to having been a victim of child abuse: “It’s the first time I’ve told it”

The journalist Manuela Camacho was interviewed on the psychologist’s YouTube channel, Lizbeth Cueva, “We all heal” and decided to tell that he was a victim of child abuse. She added that in all these years she has worked to be able to address this situation by speaking about it, noting that no one knows all the tears that it has cost her.

“It is very difficult to talk about it and I know it, maybe there is someone who can perceive me as very cold, but they do not know the tears that it has cost me,” he said. Manuela Camacho, who today asked parents to tell their children how things are so that they can report it in time. She also revealed that very few people know what happened to her.

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“I think it is the first time that I have told it in a public space. Many people do not know it. I have not made it very public, except a couple of times when he has said that I have suffered very strong experiences as a child, but there are many people who doesn’t know,” he added Manuela Camacho, who today shows himself to be strong as a person.

Day by day, Manuela Camacho She said she did not want to continue being a victim, but a survivor. “I have been one day in the worst depression, without knowing where it came from and I have healed, not completely, I am still on the road and I have taken away the power to continue hurting him. I have wanted to make that painful experience something that I I will choose how I work (…) I have been a victim, but I want to and I am a survivor and I want to put myself in that narrative and not so much in that of a victim”.

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Manuela Camacho married Roberto Bittro

In July 2022, it was the civil marriage between Manuela and Roberto Britto, which took place in a private ceremony, so only his closest family and friends were there. After that, many wondered about her husband.

Roberto Britto He studied communication and advertising at the Peruvian University of Applied Sciences, and in 2018 he completed his master’s degree in International Marketing and Business Management. She is currently dedicated to working in the area of ​​account manager of education and retail finance for Google.