Marathon is full of criticism after presentation of the University shirt

Sports University announced today its new shirt for the 2022 season, in which they will play the Copa Libertadores and League 1. This generated many opinions from their fans, who for the most part were not very satisfied with the new clothing.

Through Twitter, cream fans criticized the design and, as a consequence, the price of the ‘skin’, which is around 300 soles and makes it the most expensive in Peruvian football.

“What a shame that design, what a shame what Gremco left behind and Marathon shit, up to ***** design, getting worse and worse”, Expressed Héctor.

Why not make the shirt and with the official color of the club? I mean, it’s cream. Is it so much to ask? incidentally, pay S /. 300.00 for a Marathon jersey, not even Nike or Adidas, “said Cecilia Ramos.

Hand, you are lucky to have Adidas, because for a beautiful shirt they had in 2021, they did not charge as much as the ***** that Marathon made us this year“Commented user CBL Football in response to a Sporting Cristal fan.

“I will support my team for a lifetime, but my five-year-old cousin makes you a better shirt design. After the green jersey, Marathon burned, ”said Jesús Parker.

“Together we are the ‘U’! Cream fans, we present the new 2022 merengue skin, inspired by the union and determination of those who defend our legacy in each play ”, presented the clothing University of Sports.