Marcial Salazar gives advice to succeed in football: “The key to success is not to be conflictive”

He hopes that 2022 will also be painted blue and white. Marcial Salazar, a former Alianza Lima player, said he felt very happy after the title won by the intimate team and hopes that this year the team of his loves will win the Bicampeonato and carry out an acceptable campaign in the Copa Libertadores.

Likewise, the Charapa, who shone in the ’90s with the blue and white jersey and achieved the national title after 18 years, praised the performance of Jefferson Farfán and Hernán Barcos, who were key pieces to achieve the championship.

—What did the year 2021 leave you?

—Many positive things personally and we hope that this new year will be very productive professionally, which is what we all want.

—How long did you celebrate the title of Alianza Lima?

-Much. The club deserved it and all of us who love Alianza, after what happened in 2020. The club did well in every aspect. He was a leader on various dates and making very good matches. Jefferson Farfán’s recovery was also something that made me very happy.

—How would you rate the management of the leaders?

—Very good, but the main thing is that the players should know that they are in a large institution such as Alliance Lima and that deserves a lot of respect and a lot of work. It is an institution that every week should get good results and for that you must be aware of the responsibility in which you are immersed.

– Do you think that in 2020 there was not that in the team?

—I think not, but last year the group went well and they had a good technical command that makes them walk well.

– The arrival of Farfán and Barcos was an additional for the group?

—Yes, to have Jefferson Farfan at the club it motivates much more. He is a different player and that with the simple fact of having him at your side generates many things for you. As a fan of Alianza and friend of Jefferson, I am happy about his recovery. He has done his bit to move the club forward.

—When you arrived at Alianza, which player motivated you?

—Meet the teacher Cesar Cueto and being surrounded by players like Waldir Sáenz, Churre Hinostroza, Jayo, among others, was unique. Finding a group that was treated like a family is something that could only be repaid with work.

“How do you see Waldir as a commentator?”

“I always wish everyone the best and I’m really glad it’s on TV.” I’ve watched a few shows and it’s going well.

“Is he better as a scorer?”

– (Laughter) Surely. Waldir has been an extraordinary player, he did not have good games with the national team but in Alianza he was the historical scorer and he has helped us a lot in obtaining many things.

“Is the Barcos hierarchy also worth noting?”

– Positive leaders are very important and Barcos is one of them. With them it is easy for the group to stay together and respect each other. But there are also the others who want to hurt. The year we won after 18 years, the group was excellent, they were all friends and colleagues.

“Is it true that there are negative leaders?” How many did you have in your career?

—Many, those leaders don’t contribute anything. As a player, sometimes you let it go, but now as a coach I prefer to leave these types of people out and stay with players who are great people.

“What do you rescue from the technicians who directed you?”

-Everything. From each one I learned a lot. I always rescue the positive, from my first coach, who was Henry Perales, to Zacarías, Chale, Bernales, Pinto and Mosquera, who was my last coach. I shared many things with all of them and they always treated me well.

– The key to success is not to be a conflictive player?

-That’s how it is. The key to success is not to be a conflictive player, but to be a player who is characterized by working. I was one of them and that’s why I was able to like all the teams where I played.

– What do you expect from Alianza for this year?

“May he continue on the path of triumph and win the tournament again.” Also that I can do a good Libertadores Cup.