María Corina Machado: how certain are the possibilities of her disqualification?

María Corina Machado is one of the candidates with the most chances to win in the Primary Elections of Venezuela, scheduled for this October 22. However, recently it became known that Luis Ratti, another presidential candidate, has in mind to denounce her in the International Criminal Court (ICC) and, thus, achieve that it be excluded from the electoral contest. Added to this, another politician who showed interest in Machado’s disqualification is jose brittowho attended the comptrollership to learn more about the situation of the candidate for Sell ​​Venezuela.

María Corina Machado: “It won’t be that simple”

María Corina Machado at her recent rally in Valera. Photo: Maria Corina Machado/Twitter

For his part, Machado is confident and dispels any doubts in the face of these attempts to destabilize it and assured the following: “It is not so easy for the regime to disqualify the one that wins the primaries. I believe that the candidate who is going to face Ripe is the one who wins the primaries. If I win, it will be me. If he wins another, he will be that other, what we are not going to accept is that the regime chooses him.”

What does María Corina Machado propose?

María Corina Machado disqualified |  Primary Elections |  Disablement |  Elementary 2023 |  Venezuela

Machado leads the Vente Venezuela party. Photo: Runrun

Within her government plan, some points are highlighted on the economic level with which the candidate for Vente Venezuela will seek to defeat the Maduro regime:

  • As its main objective, it proposes to end poverty in Venezuela and, for this, it seeks to “bring in huge investments”
  • He also longs for privatization through the process of exchanging debt for shares.
  • Implement private financial debt negotiations and their restructuring
  • Recover the independence of the Central Bank and preserve the internal and external value of the currency.

What did María Corina Machado study?

The candidate for Sell ​​Venezuela is a well-known politician in the country, but not everyone knows that she has a degree in industrial engineering at the Universidad Católica Andrés Bello and completed his master’s degree in Finance from the Instituto de Higher Administration Studies (IESA). In addition, she worked as a professor of Human Resources Management at his alma mater.

María Corina Machado disqualified |  Primary Elections |  UCAB |  Elementary 2023 |  Venezuela

María Corina Machado studied at this well-known university in Venezuela. Photo: composition LR/El Ucabista