María Corina Machado makes Chavismo tremble: they seek to disable her candidacy for the primary

The candidacy for the primary 2023 of Maria Corina Machadoone of the main opponents of the Chavista regime in Venezuelawould be in danger after the warning of former presidential candidate Luis Ratti, who mentioned, through his social networks, that he will request to disqualify the former deputy and leader of the Vente Venezuela party.

María Corina Machado TODAY: why does Luis Ratti seek to disqualify his candidacy?

The official politician pointed out that Corina Machado requested foreign intervention in Venezuela, by applying the Inter-American Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance (TIAR), approved by the Organization of American States (OAS). In addition, Ratti added that the candidate publicly asked to investigate where the expenses incurred in this electoral campaign come from in view of the opposition elections to be held in October.

“I want to publicly announce from here, we have officially decided to request the immediate disqualification of María Corina Machado for having requested the TIAR, sanctions and blockade and also request investigations into the origin of her campaign funds,” Ratti wrote in his account. Twitter official.

The former candidate considered the request of the TIAR as one of the causes to disqualify Corina Machado. Photo: Twitter

“This request will be made formally next week with a group of various political and social factors, as well as several lawyers with well-founded arguments, in addition to having called for violence and abstention, leading Venezuela to chaos and crisis,” added in his public message.

It is important to emphasize that various Venezuelan media have identified Luis Ratti as a political figure linked to Chavismo, recalling that he previously was a member of the Movement for Socialism (MAS), a party that supported the first candidacy for the presidency of former President Hugo Chávez; In addition, he was the president of the Hugo Chávez Bolivarian National Front, a movement that supported the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV).

Can they disqualify María Corina Machado from the 2023 primary?

Pablo Aure, lawyer and secretary of the University of Carabobo, clarified, in an interview collected by El Pitazo, that the TIAR “is a legal instrument that was in force during the time its legitimate application was requested.” Likewise, he explained that, in case the National Assembly chooses to sanction Corina Machado, the punishment would be without effectsince no action could be taken against regulations that are no longer being applied.

It would not be the first time that María Corina Machado has been disqualified

During 2015, the former deputy made public that she was disqualified for 12 months from holding public office, after receiving the notification from the Comptroller General of the Republic, but did not provide details about the causes of it.

A year ago, the opposition member was removed from her position as a parliamentarian in the National Assembly for “treason against the homeland” when she accepted the position of alternate ambassador of Panama at the OAS.

When will María Corina Machado enroll in primary school?

The founder of Vente Venezuela pointed out that next friday june 23 will appear before the offices of the National Commission of Primaries to officially register as a candidate for this year’s Primary Elections, scheduled to be held on October 22. Meanwhile, Corina Machado continues touring the Venezuelan territory bringing together a large number of followers at her rallies.

maria corina machado |  primary elections

The leader of Vente Venezuela receives large crowds at her rallies. Photo: The Nation