María Fe Saldaña to Gianella Ydoña, mother of Josimar’s son: “The baby does not sleep on the floor, I have photos and proof”

Gianella Ydoña revealed, in an interview with the program “Magaly TV, the firm”, that her ex-husband, the singer Josimartook their son to USA without your consent. The young woman broke down after revealing that the interpreter of “The protagonist” has assured her that she will never see her little one again. In this regard, the woman accused the current couple of the salsa singer, Mary Faith Saldanaof forbidding her child to communicate with her, in addition to making him sleep on the floor.

YOU CAN SEE: Gianella Ydoña reveals that Josimar’s partner prevents her son from communicating with her

Gianella Ydoña reveals that her son is mistreated by Josimar and María Fe Saldaña

In the Magaly Medina program, Gianella Ydoña said that Josimar’s girlfriend, María Fe Saldaña, prevents her child from talking to her. “My own son has told me. ‘Mom, when Mafer falls asleep, I’ll call you.’ In other words, they forbid him to talk to me.”said the young in tears.

The same way, Ydona showed a video in which, apparently, saldana He turns off the minor’s cell phone camera when he was on a video call with his mother.

“The truth is that my son is not well cared for. I talked to him and he tells me: ‘Mom, I’m sick (…)’. And I ask him if he is taking medicine and he tells me: ‘No, mom, they don’t give me anything here (…)’. Sleep on a mattress on the floor.”assured Gianella Ydona indignantly.

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María Fe Saldaña defends herself and responds to the accusations of Gianella Ydoña

María Fe Saldaña decided to respond, through her social networks, to the mother of the son of Josimar, Gianella Ydona.

“I don’t usually give any kind of explanation about my life (…). For the first time I will speak out and clarify some points so that speculation about the statements made on the Magaly TV program stops,” Saldaña wrote in his statement.

“Josimar’s baby’s mother indicates that I hung up a video call, it is totally false. The fact that I passed from behind at that moment does not mean that I hung up the call, much less that it bothers me (…). The baby does not sleep on the floor, he has a bed where he sleeps every night. I have photos and evidence that, if necessary, I will deliver to prove that the statements made are not true.” answered saldana through his Instagram account.

“For my part, the issue is closed. I would appreciate not getting more involved in the matter that only concerns the parents of the baby (…). For me, he is not only Josimar’s son, I also feel that he is mine, because I have had him with me since I was very little and I feel much more of a mother than anyone”ended.

María Fe Saldaña decided to respond to Gianella Ydoña after accusations against her. Photo: Instagram capture