María Pía asks Mark Vito on TV and trolls Dayanita: “Let them fight over him on comedy shows”

María Pía Copello highlighted the talent of Mark Vito after recording a new TikTok now with the great Susy Díaz. The television host believes that it could be a good deal for comedy shows, she even joked with Dayanita, who has not yet signed a contract with any national production.

This afternoon, Friday May 26, the television presenter, with years of experience on the small screen, opined that Keiko Fujimori’s ex-husband has all the conditions to integrate a humorous program like ‘JB en ATV’ or ‘El reventonazo de the Chola’.

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The colorful character of The Charlotteinterpreted by Carlos Vilchez He said they should call him from the comedy shows. Immediately, her partner María Pía agreed with her, assuring that it is a great idea. However, she surprised everyone with her statements against the former JB member on ATV.

“You have to call him from the comedy shows, suddenly he likes it,” said Vílchez. “Carlota, you’re right, I think that instead of fighting over Dayanitathey should fight for Mark Vito.” He is fun, creative and even scripts ago “, recognized the figures of América Televisión.

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Dayanita cries on television and apologizes to Jorge Benavides for his behavior

The last week, Dayanita He appeared on the program El reventonazo de la Chola, hosted by Ernesto Pimentel. In front of the cameras, she acknowledged that she had bad behavior with Jorge Benavides, her former boss with whom she worked for more than 4 years and she was removed from television more than a month ago.

Currently, the comic actress has certain appearances on the América Televisión program, but has not yet signed a contract. At some point, she said that she would like to be part of the cast of said Saturday production. The truth is that there is still nothing concrete. Apparently, tomorrow, Saturday, May 27, she would appear again in the fun sketches.