María Pía confronts Gino Assereto for a racist act: “These jokes are unacceptable, offensive”

Gino Assereto appeared on May 25 in “Send whoever is in charge” and took advantage of the television cameras to publicly apologize to the fighter ‘Chevy’ after making a racist comment in “This is war.” Jazmín Pinedo’s ex-partner also apologized to the PROTV production company and to the Afro-descendant people who felt offended after committing the discriminatory act. Along these lines, the host María Pía Copello did not miss the opportunity and faced Gino Assereto.

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What did Gino Assereto say for a racist act against ‘Chevy’?

Gino Assereto, with microphone in hand, apologized to his partner ‘Chevy’ and admitted that you learn from mistakes. “I feel that there is no justification for that stupid thing that I did. I am ashamed. I made a mistake which I did not measure. Yeah, I feel sorry for that, I didn’t mean to. It was a mistake that I promise not to make again. This is a very big lesson for me (…) I will never discriminate against someone. I am called a racist and I am not. I adore ‘Chevy’, love. To all the people of African descent who have felt affected by this stupidity that I committed, I apologize a thousand times,” said Gino Assereto, admitting that he was wrong.

For his part, the new talent of “This is war”, ‘Chevy’, accepted Gino Assereto’s apologies and supported him by saying that he did not consider him a racist person. “He is not like that, I am not saying it out of commitment, but because from day one he showed me his support and he is not such a person ”, said ‘Chevy’, endorsing Gino Assereto.

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What did María Pía Copello say to Gino Assereto after his racist comment?

María Pía Copello said that Gino Assereto’s kind of joke is inadmissible, so she considered his words against ‘Chevy’ “stupid”. “We have to admit our mistakes, but effectively these things cannot happen again. In the middle of 2023, these jokes are unacceptable, they are offensive ”.