María Pía Copello and La Carlota arrive with “Send whoever sends” from this February 6

You already have a start date. The new program of america televisionwhich will be led by María Pía Copello and The Charlottea character played by the comic actor Carlos Vílchez will arrive on our televisions from this February 6.

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América Televisión launched on February 26 at night the new promo for the program that will bear the name “Send who sends” and that it will be broadcast from Monday to Friday at 1 in the afternoon, being the replacement of “En boca de todos” and that it was hosted by Tula Rodríguez, Maju Mantilla and Ricardo Rondón.

On this occasion and for the first time, Maria Pia Copello and La Carlota They will work together and according to the promo, the second will try to impose itself and be the center of attention, according to its character. The truth is that both arrive to brighten up the afternoons with this new television project from América Televisión.

“Send whoever is in charge” already has an Instagram account, where they have not yet posted the promotion that was on television and where the name of the program and the time and date on which they start were finally revealed. You can find it with the same name.

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What did Carlos Vílchez say about María Pía Copello?

Carlos Vilchez was interviewed a few days ago and said that he maintains a good relationship with Maria Pia Copello. He recounted that he has interviewed her or had her on her shows five times, however they have never worked together.

In an interview with América Espectáculos, Carlos Vilchez highlighted the qualities of Maria Pia Copello, of whom he said that she is a very agile driver, but sometimes she also blurts out her comments very quickly. She added that they will make a good duo.