María Pía Copello on her husband: “He has never liked appearing in public”

Maria Pia Copello She surprised her fans by telling the specific reason why her husband is not shown so often in his videos that he uploads to social networks. The influencer made the revelation after being consulted by one of her followers.

“The truth is that my husband has never really liked appearing in public, but for love he sometimes abides by some things. The important thing is to understand each other and support each other ”, were his words when responding to the comment.

In this way, the television host pointed out the reasons why her little baby is the one that appears the most in her videos, unlike her first children, who are older.

“Moms know that each child has a way of being different from the other. Some children enjoy doing certain activities and others do not. I can’t force my children to do things they don’t want to. They have fun watching what we record and they like to be behind the camera ”.

María Pía Copello welcomed the year 2022 in the company of her loved ones in the Bahamas, where she has been going on a family vacation for a little over a week.

Through her Instagram stories, the singer was telling details of her walk and the hours before the celebration of the new year. In this way, he explained that he had an accident with his tacos: “My taco got scrubbed. Fortunately it is not 12 ″.

The influencer María Pía Copello enjoyed a walk with her whole family in Cusco. This, days before the Christmas celebrations and then leave the country to enjoy the end of the year parties.

The driver, her children, husband and mother came to the Bahamas to fully enjoy their trip. From there, he has not hesitated to tell us everything he does.