María Pía Copello reveals why her husband does not appear in public: “He has never liked it”

Clearing things up. Much is said about the actress, host, entertainer and even singer María Pía Copello, who was nominated for the Bousnid Awards 2021.

However, behind all that glamor, the influencer also shares family content, material where her family stands out and mostly her little daughter.

But, who has not wondered about her husband? the former host of This is War He shares a lot about his day-to-day life and that is why at the request of his followers, he answered a question about his partner.

Within a sequence of questions and answers, Pía confessed and revealed why she does not go out more often with her husband Samuel, to which she responded without fear.

“Hahahaha The truth is that my husband has never really liked appearing in public, but for love he sometimes gets to do some things hahaha. The important thing is to understand each other and support each other, ”he wrote.

María Pía premieres ‘Dancing alone’ and users attack that it is just like ‘Colegiala’

The Peruvian influencer has just released a new song on YouTube and it already exceeds 150 thousand views and is trend 4 on social networks.

“Many songs have similar tones, believe me it is not the first nor will a hug be the last and thank you for watching the video,” Magaly Medina‘s friend told one of her loyal fans.

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