María Pía Copello: Who is her husband Samuel Dyer and why does he hide from TV and social networks?

The television host María Pía Copello records funny videos for her social networks with his youngest daughter, but he does not do it very often with his other two children since they do not like to be in front of cameras. The former presenter of This is War lives a similar situation with her husband Samuel Dyer because he does not like to appear in public.

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Although Samuel He doesn’t have recurring appearances on television or on social media, viewers wonder who he is, what he does, how old is he. Therefore, El Popular will tell you everything that is known about the driver’s husband.

Who is Samuel Dyer?

Samuel Dyer Coriat is an entrepreneur who was appointed Chairman of the Board of Copeinca (2011), also Executive Chairman of Camposol (2011) and General Manager of D&C Holding.

The renowned businessman has been married for 15 years to the television presenter Maria Pia CopelloThey got married on January 14, 2006. Today they have a consolidated family with their three children Samuel, Vasco and Catalina, but the actress also ruled out wanting to have a small room.

“I say no longer, I have three, but my husband asks me for one more, he tells me all day and I tell him that I am ready to enjoy life, there is a stage for everything. If I encouraged myself it would have to be this year”, express Maria Pia.

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The 44-year-old presenter explained that her husband has a much calmer personality, very different from hers, but still the two complement each other very well.

“Samuel has a very calm character, I am a hurricane, so we could not be two hurricanes in the same house. He is the quietest part, he listens to me, I am ‘ta, ta, ta, ta …’ and everyone plays a role in the house. I don’t know what happens tomorrow, after 15 years it would be strange, right? ” Copello.