Mariana Vértiz hints that she wants a baby and the user criticizes her: “You can tell that you don’t have patience”

She was not silent. The well-known influencer Mariana Vértiz is living a great moment on a sentimental level with her partner and future husband Diego Callegari. Therefore, she constantly shares romantic photos with him, but does not always receive good comments.

As it is remembered, the sister of Natalie Vertiz He has been in the Peruvian show business after his romantic relationship with the former reality show Gino Pesaressi, with whom he had a daughter as a result of his romance. As a result, it has always been in the sights of users and fans.

Now, Mariana Vertiz She has become one more influencer due to the fact that she remains highly connected on social networks with her thousands of followers. Also, he likes to share his day to day so he did not hesitate to publish a photo with his partner.

However, that publication caused a great commotion because it suggested that she wanted to have a second baby. In this regard, he received several comments, but he would not have liked one at all. “Yes, but do them now, because it shows that you don’t have much patience !!”, answered a user.

For her part, Mariana Vértiz decided not to remain silent and responded with everything to cybernaura. “AHAHA I don’t want to, that’s why I asked you to imagine with me HAHAHAJ”, he replied, making it clear that he took his words with grace.

Mariana Vértiz and her little arrangement on her lips to look like her sister Natalie: “Finally bembona”

He does not care about criticism. The businesswoman Mariana Vertiz She has become one of the public figures she remains quite active on social networks to share every detail of her life with her thousands of followers. Therefore, he did not hesitate to reveal that he underwent a repair on his face.

“I’ll tell you now, yes, before I disconnect. What happens is that I found the doctor on Instagram, I saw her work and she gave me a lot of confidence and I went looking for her, but what I liked the most of all is that instead of put the cream on your lips to numb, she is also a dentist so it makes your gums numb, “he said at first.