Mariana Vértiz: Who in her fiancé Diego Callegari and when will he marry?

Gino Pesaressi and Mariana Vértiz had a romance far removed from television and scandals, that made them one of the most stable couples in entertainment, but not everything was rosy as they ended their relationship. This romance ended, however Mariana Y Gino They still maintain a good and cordial relationship, since they have a daughter in common, this despite rumors of fights.

YOU CAN SEE: Mariana Vértiz shows her new property that she built with her partner before getting married

To rule out any kind of lie, Mariana Vertiz was consulted by one of her followers on Instagram who asked her how she felt about her daughter’s father. Mariana He replied with a story which he was not afraid to publish, writing that he feels ‘affection and respect’.

In early 2019, Mariana Vertiz ended her relationship with Gino Pesaressi after a public announcement. They both have a daughter, little Gía. Months later, the sister of Natalie Vertiz announced his new partner, Diego Callegari placeholder image via Instagram.

Who in Diego Callegari?

The fiance of Mariana Vertiz He is a business coordinator. He has experience in Research and Development, quality control, production, marketing, AABB Rinconada del Sur plant, Ilender Peru commercial area and currently works as sales coordinator for Zoetis

Diego Callegari placeholder image considers himself a person with a proactive profile, who can work as a team. He is capable of delivering value to the company and being an agent of change.

In his official Instagram account you can see the good relationship he maintains with the daughter of Mariana and Gino. It can also be seen that he has a little girl who also shares moments with him and his new family.

This was the request for Mariana Vértiz’s hand

The ex-partner of Gino Pesaressi She was going through a good stage and did not hesitate to share some photos of her engagement ring. “Brooklyn Bridge from your hand, come with me,” he says in one of the posts.

In another snapshot, the sister of Natalie Vertiz she shows her ring, she even looks surprised at such good news. In her description, she expresses her love for her partner Streetgari. “A thousand times YES! I love you and I can not wait to be your wife, “he wrote on his social network.