Mariasela Álvarez defends Tania Báez

The TV presenter Mariasela Alvarez expressed himself this Thursday on his Twitter account in defense of his colleague, the communicator Tania Baezwho has been the center of debates for and against due to his reflection in which he urged people not to associate with “someone who is below you.”

This, based on his life experience around the relationships he has had.

The host of “Esta noche Mariasela” stated that Báez would never promote behaviors that degrade women.

“Tania Baez is a woman who has worked hard from a very young age and has always been self-sufficient. In addition, she has strong family values ​​and has raised two wonderful women, proving that she could never promote any behavior that degrades a woman.” , wrote the also television producer.

He added: “We may or may not agree with his advice as a result of his personal experience, because each head is a world, but let’s not be confused: “You will know them by their deeds.”

“It seems to us that she has been very arrogant and not very humble by not trying to show humility by acknowledging what was wrong and that her personal experience in no way had to become harmful advice for young Dominicans who do not necessarily think that way about love “, commented the user Ramón Pichardo @ramonrppbobina.

“Tania, let her be as happy as she pleases, but don’t want to implant her rusty chip in anyone. She knew what she was doing and said she didn’t mind being criticized, I assume she doesn’t need to be defended either, Mari. Hugs”, expressed another follower, David de la Cruz @leonenhiesta.

many reactions

The repercussion of the “advice” of the speaker has been so great that, both her name and that of her ex-husband, Carlos Alfredo Fatulehave become number one trends on Twitter in the country.

“Anyone tells the truth but no, I am a gentleman”was the tweet he published charles alfredo.

while her ex-husband Francisco Jimenezgraduated in systems engineering, wrote:

“I have learned so many things… that I really prefer to leave in “ignored”, everything that does not contribute to me… that is good than overcoming the bad things… not carrying things that hurt on my back… it is the best way to preach with the example… incredible to see how “happy” people are capable of continuing to harm those who only decide to live… blessings… that’s all I send to everyone who takes me into account… both for better and for worse”.

But what did Tanya say?

“The most important lesson I learned about relationships” is “never get involved in a relationship with someone who is below you socially, professionally, emotionally and financially,” he justified his statement. Tania Baez.

“When your partner is below you in all those ranks, what you instinctively try to do is save him, rescue him. And what about you? You go to that level to try to raise it. It’s like an anchor that takes you to the bottom,” Báez stressed.

“Remember that couples are not to be saved. Couples are to complement each other, to help form perhaps the most important project: A family, ”she pointed out.

Also, the singer Wason Brazobanfamous for his comments and reflections on Instagram, he was quick to react.

“I have always said it. In that sense, man is more sensitive than woman. If the man wants the woman, it doesn’t matter if he is rich and the woman is poor, the man changes her and makes her his queen, but if she is a The woman is a millionaire and the man is poor, it is very rare for the woman to change it and if she does, she does it secretly, because she is ashamed. Yes or no?” said the singer-songwriter. His comment had more than 20,000 likes and hundreds of reactions in favor.

The media figures Cheddy García, Josell Hernández, Celinés Toribio, the reporter for “Despierta América” ​​Astrid Rivera, Chef Tita, Kiara Romero, Ingrid Gómez, among others, have also expressed themselves.