Maribel Guardia would sue the funeral home for video leak of her son’s body

The son of the actress Maribel Guardia, Julián Figueroa, was found dead a few days ago while it seemed that he was resting, according to the now widow of Joan Sebastian’s descendant. After this and the acts to commemorate Figueroa, a video of the singer’s body was made public when he was at the funeral home where his remains were cremated.

The scandal reached his mother, who did not hesitate to speak out about the death of her offspring and condemn the dissemination of audiovisual material.

The video went viral and was shared by various media outlets, the opposite of the situation sought by Figueroa’s family, who wanted to keep the funeral process strictly private.

It was the journalist Flor Rubio who commented that the images of Figueroa’s corpse were circulating on the internet due to a leak of information from the funeral home’s messaging networks. The fact was ratified by Gabriel Cuevas, special envoy of the “Venga la alegría” program.

“A little while ago I saw the video that they showed me, which leaks from the funeral home and in which his face can be seen,” Cuevas reported before being interrupted by Rubio due to the difficult situation that the relatives of Maribel Guardia’s son are going through. .

The television scene generated the indignation of Internet users and the family immediately came out to ask for more respect for the memory of their relative.

It is necessary to remember that Imelda, Julián Figueroa’s last partner, faced alone the fact of finding the singer lifeless. This is because Maribel Guardia, at that time, was carrying out a theater performance.