Maricarmen Marín presents her baby to her ‘aunt’ Katia Palma and assures that being a mother is “magical” [VIDEO]

Melts with love. The Peruvian singer Maricarmen Marín lives her motherhood to the fullest and did not hesitate to share this tender and also committed experience with one of her best friends, Katia Palma, who shared an emotional moment with the baby.

“I have so much to tell you! … I will upload everything here … I love you! Thank you for being here and accompanying us”, was one of the last messages that the cumbia singer made to her little girl in her social networks.

It was via his official account Instagram that the also exjury of Yo Soy boasted the tender meeting between her great ‘friend, sister and wife’ her little baby.

“It’s so difficult to explain, so now you understand everything. It’s magical, uff (…) Sad waiting for a live with Katia palma… So I also waited for her today when she met her niece (…) On the way to work, “she said. Maricarmen Marín.

Karen Schwarz and Katia Palma excited by the arrival of Maricarmen Marín’s daughter

The festivities continue after the arrival of the little girl, Micaela Martins Marin. Let us remember that, the couple made up of the host, Maricarmen Marín and the producer of Yo Soy, Sebastian Martins They already have their firstborn in their arms, and they did not hesitate to share not only in the Mujeres al Mando program, but also through their social network, being happy for the expected arrival of their daughter.

Added to this is the immense joy of her friends, Karen Schwarz and Katia Palma, who were very happy for the arrival of the girl. As is known, both have forged a beautiful friendship since hosting the program, Yo Soy en Latina. That is why they shared the happiness of the popular ‘Sweet Little Princess’ and other friends of the Jesús María channel.