Marijuana: is it effective for beauty?

Today is the world marijuana day and while the controversy is “armed” in different countries, because of the legality of its consumption; who care about having a fur radiant, we wonder if it is true that it is beneficial for the fur the use of dope.

The answer is no. This plant is not friendly to the fur, neither by way of consumption and much less through commercial products, nor homemade creams. The doubt on the subject arises because there is a plant known as cannabis sativa, familiar, but very different from cannabis, from which the dope.

Hemp or “Hemp” (in English), as this trending species in cosmetics and against stress and anxiety is also known, but without psychotropic effects. Learn about the benefits of this ingredient widely used by cosmetic houses around the world:


antioxidant. It is rich in phenolic acid, recognized for destroying the aged layers of the fur and renew it. It also has vitamin E and releases the fur of free radicals.

Moisturizing. Its natural fatty acids, such as Omega 3, 6 and 9, allow it to respond to dry skin, while creating a protective barrier that strengthens the fur to keep it hydrated for longer.

Anti-inflammatory. Its properties reduce and prevent inflammation in the fur.

Pain relieving. It is ideal for sensitive skin, for treating irritations and sebum.