Marilyn Manson is accused of locking women in cells with anti-noise glass to abuse them

The singer Marilyn Manson is again involved in a scandal after a series of accusations that ensure that the artist turned the music studio he had in his apartment into a soundproof torture chamber called Bad Girls Room, where he punished and abused his girlfriends.

This information was obtained from an extensive journalistic investigation published by the Rolling Stones magazine, in which the testimony of 55 people close to the musician – including several of his ex-partners – was collected, who reported that the aforementioned room had been built by the tenant above in order to use it as a recording booth.

However, Manson redesigned this room when he moved to make it a “torture room.” “They say that Warner used to banish his girlfriends there, keeping them inside for hours and hours to punish them for the smallest perceived transgressions,” published the magazine.

Rolling Stones magazine recalled the day when Marilyn Manson spoke, in an interview for various media, about the dreaded place. “If someone is bad, I can lock him up and he’s soundproofed” said in 2012.

At that time, these statements were taken as part of the eccentric and mysterious personality of who is also known as the ‘Antichrist’.

Ashley Morgan Smithline, who sued the musician for sexual assault and illegal imprisonment, described the room as a space similar to that of a “dressing room in a clothing store” and said that, “at first, he made it sound great.” “Then he made it sound very punitive. I even screamed, no one would listen to me “ recalled according to Rolling Stones magazine.

Other women who provided testimony for the investigation mentioned that the room was decorated with blood, swastikas, and photos cut from porn magazines.