Mario Hart and Korina Rivadeneira soften networks with family photography: “You are the son I always dreamed of” [FOTOS]

The couple of Korina Rivadeneira and mario hart The social networks touched after they announced how they were going to celebrate the two months of their newborn Mario Jr. Both parents wrote a nice message for the special day of their youngest son.

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Rivadeneira, used his Instagram to dedicate some very curious words and reveal the “favorite moments” of your little one, attaching different photographs of your baby, who generates a lot of tenderness for his Baby Yoda costume that he carries with him.

“Hello! Happy October. Today is my birthday, it’s been 2 months in this world, everyone here fills me with love, all I do is eat and sleep, sometimes my belly hurts. I’m a pretty serious boy, I like to be talked to and when I’m awake and they don’t bother me, I get very upset. My favorite moments are: when my abu’ ‘Mili’ bathes me and when I sleep on my mom’s tit. What I love the most is the kiss and hug that my little sister gives me every day when I wake up and talk with my dad, he and I understand each other well, luckily I get the best dad of all.

On the other hand, Hart used his official account to publish a family image where he is seen with his partner and his two children. Everyone is smiling in the middle of the snacks, sentencing in this way what was a loving celebration.

“May many more months, years and thousands of reasons come to celebrate together as a family! ¡You are the man son that I always dreamed of! Today we celebrate your 2 months of life ‘Marito’! Grateful to God for all the blessings he gives us! ”, He expressed.

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Korina Rivadeneira raises concern: “I’m really exhausted, I need to sleep”

Korina Rivadeneira caused concern among her followers by mentioning that her eldest daughter, Lara, got sick and had a very complicated night. That being the reason why she would no longer want to have a third child with Mario Hart, her partner.

“I’m exhausted! I was with Lara without sleeping until 5:40 because at that time her fever just went down and at the touch I went to another room with Marito so that he sleeps with his long tit, ”she indicated.

“I’m really exhausted, I need to sleep now! When they ask me if I want more children, I just imagine the 3 sick and it gives me something… I’m fine with two, thank you, “she concluded.