Mario Hart explodes after seeing people throw garbage on the beach: “They leave everything piggy” [VIDEO]

Mario Hart and Korina Rivadeneira continue to enjoy their well-deserved vacations in Colán, northern Peru, however, a detail caught the attention of the former car racer, who did not wait long to upload it on social networks.

Through a series of images and videos, the ex-car racer decided to expose the garbage that irresponsible people throw away because they simply do not live in the place or do not have an environmental culture.

“When will we learn to take care of the beaches? People come here and settle in, despite being the tent in our house, we don’t tell them anything, but look how they leave! all pigs, bags, bottles, diapers, masks, what will it cost people to pick up their trash? ”, he is heard saying.

In the content he shared, it is possible to see not only beer cans and garbage bags, but other elements thrown in the sand and that would later be collected by the sea itself, polluting not only the region, but the planet itself.

Mario Hart rules out being a friend of Alejandra Baigorria: “No more there, thank you”

The car driver Mario Hart was asked if he became friends with his ex-partner Alejandra Baigorria, because now they work together on This is War. However, he ruled out that possibility.

The América Espectáculos reporter asked the reality boy if he could be a friend of an ex and he assured that it is “impossible.” There is no chance, the ex’s friend does not exist, “he said.

When they told him that it seems that Alejandra Baigorria gets along “super well”, Mario Hart clarified that it is only a work relationship, but they do not meet as friendship.