Mario Hart regrets parting ways with Korina Rivadenira: “Without a wife and without a daughter”

Once again Mario Hart and Korina Rivadeneira are physically estranged. This time, the racing driver announced his return to the country, while his wife and little daughter Lara remain in Brazil.

A few days ago, the family Hart rivadeneira The opening of her Poke Boss restaurant in the Brazilian state of Salvador de Bahia was excited on social media, while she received congratulations from her friends and followers.

However, the reality boy is already back on Peruvian soil, although he regretted not having returned with his partner or his little girl.

“Lima, without a wife and without a daughter,” he published Mario in his Instagram statuses next to an image of him with an upset face.

Despite missing his family abroad, the driver was also excited on his social networks to go to Ronex Park Lima to drive different race cars.

“But we are going to hesitate,” he added in his Instagram post.

The reality boy shared his joy at returning to one of his great passions.

“We came back, today it’s time for the toys (race cars) and all the people. (…) Have a good time today ”, the member of This is war was heard saying in a video.

The Peruvian influencer is now venturing into the food business, so he invested in his first Hawaiian-Peruvian food restaurant called Poke Boss. Not happy with it, his business has already started to internationalize with its first location outside the country, nothing more and nothing less than in the state of Salvador de Bahia, Brazil.

“We are at the premises working for the opening which will be on Thursday (November 11). Everything is upside down and messy, but everything is very beautiful and I think it will be a success, “he predicted. Hart days before its inauguration.

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