Mario Irivarren and Tefi Valenzuela get into the skin of “Titi” and Catalina from “Without breasts there is no paradise”

The reality boy, Mario Irivarren, and the influencer Stephanie or Tefi Valenzuela surprised at the start of 2023, as the ex-partner decided to spend this New Year together. But the thing did not stop there, because they were encouraged to make a fun TikTok that immediately went viral on social networks when it was shared.

YOU CAN SEE: Mario Irivarren and Tefi Valenzuela together and fans react: “They stumble upon the same stone”

The ex-partner made up of Mario Irivarren and Stephanie Valenzuelawho apparently today are great friends, were encouraged to interpret a scene from the successful Colombian telenovela “Without breasts there is no paradise” and got into the skin of “Titi” and Catalina, the characters of this production.

Stephanie Valenzuela played “Catalina”, while Mario Irivarren gave life on this TikTok to the famous ‘Titi’. In the video, she is heard saying that they had not seen each other in a while, to which she answers in the affirmative. Both former reality boys took her performance very seriously, to the point that more than one liked her.

As is known in the soap opera, Catalina and “Titi” were lovers throughout the novel “Without breasts there is no paradise”, however, in real life, Stephanie Valenzuela and Mario Irivarren They are great friends despite the fact that at the time they had a loving relationship. When this came to an end, they both decided to get along and have always spoken highly of each other.

Apparently, Mario Irivarren and Stephanie Valenzuela they have overcome their ex-relationship, so this New Year they decided to spend it together and with other friends. Let’s remember that this was not the best year for the model, since he ended his relationship with Vania Bludau, but she ended up accusing him of mistreatment.

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How did you react when you saw Mario Irivarren and Tefi Valenzuela together?

Although both have made it clear that they are just friends and there is nothing between them, the followers of Mario Irivarren and Tefi Valenzuela They regretted that they spent the New Year together, as they fear that they will return as a couple.

“You stumbled over the same stone again, cause”, was one of the many comments they wrote to Tefi Valenzuela. The truth is that the ex-partner had a great time in the New Year and to call for good luck, they wore white in Tulum, Mexico.