Mario Irivarren confesses that he NEVER fought Tefi Valenzuela in Combat: “It was a lie, an act” [VIDEO]

Fire! Mario Irivarren has been single since his last high-profile romance with Vania Bludau, which ended with mutual complaints of physical and psychological violence. This was not the first time that a controversy surrounded his love life, as it was known that something similar lived with Stephanie Valenzuela. However, this would not be entirely true.

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Almost a decade ago, the popular ‘coquettish skull’ He entered the world of competition reality shows as the jale de Combate, and quickly earned the affection of the public. For this reason, many lived in their own flesh when he presented Tefi Valenzuela as his partner before cameras.

At the time, Mario Irivarren and Stephanie Valenzuela They shared their love story before cameras, as well as their fights, and one was marked in the public, as she reminded him of his days working in a well-known fast food restaurant. Now it came to light that all this would have been armed, and they never discussed.

“There is a fight between me and Stephanie, very strong, which ends with a sentence in which she tells me ‘You are still the same Kentucky (KFC) cashier, but what people did not know is that this situation was a lie, It was all an act,” said the reality boy.

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Combat Production would have been behind it all

The statements of Mario Irivarren They occurred during her appearance on the podcast of her friend and former Combat partner, Fabianne Hayashida, known as “China”. Both of them were even romantically linked, but this would not have been true.

This is where the model revealed that the production of Combate always planned things, like what happened with Stephanie Valenzuela, evidencing that they would have been behind everything. Oops!