Mario Irivarren explodes against Zumba and Vania Bludau by mistake when recording video for TikTok

After the season of This is war will come to an end, Mario irivarren He traveled to the north of the country with Vania Bludau to spend a few days on vacation taking advantage of the end of the year holidays. But the famous couple is not the only one who is in the paradisiacal beaches of Piura, since characters such as Mario Hart, Korina Rivadeneira Yako Eskenazi, Hugo García and Zumba are also in that place going through a few moments of relaxation.

However, reality kids do not forget their thousands of followers on Instagram, so they continue to upload new content frequently. But these videos that arrive on your Instagram account usually take several minutes and even hours of recordings to end up in the stories of the camera’s social network.

In that sense, Mario Irivarren uploaded a funny but forceful story of what must have been a TikTok made by Vania Bludau and Zumba. Both reality boys were recording a choreography that did not end with a happy ending, since the former Combate member forgot the steps.

For this reason, the current member of Esto es guerra got tired of the recordings and stopped them after releasing a series of expletives.

“Oe, go to the f *****. They have me like h ***** recording like three hours ago, “he said as a joke.

During these days of vacation, Korina Rivadeneira published a video in the stories of her Instagram account where Zumba is seen performing a fun choreography for her daughter. The former reality boy moves to the rhythm of the music and unleashed the laughter of the little girl, who was looking at him carefully.