Mario Irivarren: how much did a reality boy earn for being a chamberlain in the fifteen-year-olds?

Mario Irivarren He made a name for himself on Peruvian television after joining the now-defunct reality show “Combate” and later participating in the popular show “Esto es guerra.” Although he enjoyed an ostentatious salary thanks to his foray into the small screen, the reality boy was encouraged to explore other areas off the screen. Along these lines, the popular ‘Calavera coqueta’ entered the world of fifteen-year-olds, serving as chamberlain. Next, he finds out how much he came to charge for a presentation.

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How much did Mario Irivarren earn as a chamberlain in fifteen-year-olds?

In a recent interview for Jorge Talavera’s YouTube channel, Mario Irivarren He referred to being a chamberlain in the popular fifteen-year-olds. Along these lines, the reality boy was asked if it was true that for attending these youth events he charged 1500 dollars.

“Yes, of course (…) I had one or two fifteen-year-olds a week”also specified the model, who also revealed that he had to distribute his times, since he had to attend two of these parties in a single day.

“Sometimes two fifteen-year-olds could meet on Saturday. A little difficult, but I had to ‘balance’ one of these from 10 to 11 pm and the other, from 12 to 1 am There were at least four (of these parties) per month. It was the time of greatest bonanza, golden”, recounted irivarren.

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What career did Mario Irivarren want to study before joining Peruvian TV?

In conversation with Jorge Talavera, Mario Irivarren revealed that after going through school he wanted to study law, however, he did not have the financial means to pay for this profession.

“I really like lyrics, but (Law) was not within my range of possibilities. In the end, analyzing the situation, I saw that my only option was going to be ISIL and there is no such race,” revealed the reality boy, who decided to study Administration and Marketing.

“I already had a half scholarship, but one more incentive came along. If I got a grade above 16, it was a full scholarship. In my first cycle, I paid half of the monthly fee with the salary I earned at KFC and with the help of my Dad, then In the second and third cycle, I didn’t pay a single sol”accurate.