Mario Irivarren remembers when he pushed Fideito and defends himself: “They fired me as if I were arrogant”

The influencer Mario Irivarren stays away from scandals, but now he is back on everyone’s lips after he decided to give an interview for a channel Youtubewhere he recalled the controversial episode that he experienced after pushing ‘Fideito’ on the Telethon.

In the last program of the channel of Jorge Talavera the entire conversation was shown with the reality boywho spoke of his anecdotes in the old competition program Combat. She even revived some anecdotes from her love life and the most controversial moments that she spent.

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However, a moment that drew a lot of attention was when Mario Irivarren He revived the occasion that he pushed actor Daniel Menacho aside and that action generated a wave of comments because he pushed him to stand in front of him in front of the cameras. This time, he defended himself against the harsh criticism he received.

“By chance, by inertia, I don’t understand what Wednesday I did, but by chance I brought it closer and the truth looked very ugly on the cameras. That is, I admit that it looked ugly, but I did not do it on purpose. I understand that it was seen wrong and that I was wrong, but I didn’t do it with any bad intention”, he said.

“He never got upset, but forget about me. They fired me up as if I were an arrogant bastard who didn’t tolerate the fact that he was in front of me because he outshone me and I pushed him with my immense arrogance because I wanted to impose myself, but no, It doesn’t go that way,” added the reality boy.

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Why did Mario Irivarren get angry at EEG after being linked to Onelia?

Let’s remember that weeks ago, the reality boy Mario Irivarren surprised viewers This is war after being quite upset after a joke that linked him to Onelia Molina. This time, the public figure put the patch on all of his rather angry colleagues.

“Paloma, I love you very much, you have been stung by what Facundo said, but I do not like the show, nor the problems because I am quite reserved. I ask you not to involve me because it looks ugly that they talk about three people on a subject of two. The third is superfluous, I am calm and without messing with anyone”, he sentenced.