Mario Irivarren rules out that romances in reality shows are armed: “Sometimes the production helped”

Mario Irivarren He became known in the media after being part of various competition reality shows. Throughout his career, the young man was romantically linked to some colleagues and friends with whom he spent a lot of time in front of cameras. Despite the fact that it has been commented that television romances are not real, in an interview for Jorge Talavera’s Youtube channel, the young man clarified that everyone was free to form a bond beyond friendship.

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What did Mario Irivarren say about couples who started in reality shows?

Mario Irivarren was consulted about the romances that have been formed in competition programs such as “Combat” and “This is war.” Given this, the entrepreneur said that, although it is believed that relationships are usually armed by production, many of them have arisen from a spontaneous crush.

“No. They don’t match you on purpose, ”she commented at first. However, she later added that not everything that happened was fictional, but that many scenes used to be acted out. “I have told that in the days of ‘Combate’, very early on, reality was lived a lot. It was a competition reality show and the reality show had to be put together. Sometimes it happened spontaneously, like an argument, a fight or a romance; and sometimes he was helped by the production”, he pointed out.

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Did Mario Irivarren argue with Tula Rodríguez in “EEG”?

tula rodriguez He came to the set of “This is war” to qualify the choreographies of the program participants. After her dance with Melissa Loza, the former host of “En boca de todos” criticized the staging of the reality boy, who did not remain silent and refuted him in front of cameras.

“I disagree with Tula completely. I do not feel that I have doubted or that I have conveyed a lack of security”, commented the entrepreneur. In the same way, he said he was more than satisfied with what they prepared for that day. “I’ve felt good, really,” he added. Mario Irivarren.