Mario Irivarren: what career did you want to study before TV and why couldn’t you take it?

Mario Irivarren He is a local show business figure who debuted on screens at the same time that the competition reality shows on national TV began to premiere. The young man made his triumphant entry into “Combate” in 2011 and the rest is history. The influencer soon had a fruitful career on television, a space in which he has been working to date.

However, a fact that very few know is that, initially, he had contemplated another vocation for his future. In fact, it was one that had nothing to do with screens and reflectors; rather, it was related to the social sciences.

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What career did Mario Irivarren want to study before entering TV?

In an interview with Jorge Talavera for his YouTube channel, Vania Bludau’s ex-partner said that, as soon as he left school, he wanted to study Law, but he did not have financial solvency to be able to afford the profession. Mario found out that if she worked at KFC, he could access a scholarship at the San Ignacio de Loyola Institute, but that study center did not teach that degree.

I really like lyrics, but (Law) was not within my range of possibilities. In the end, analyzing the situation, I saw that my only option was going to be ISIL and there is no such career“, he told the communicator Jorge Talavera.

What career did Mario Irivarren study, but never finished?

In view of the situation, Mario Irivarren had to make a decision that would define his future work. He chose to pursue a degree that ISIL did offer: Administration and Marketing.

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“I had to opt for Marketing and I already had a half scholarship, but one more incentive arrived. If I got a weighted score greater than 16, it was a full scholarship. In my first cycle, I paid half of the monthly fee with the salary I earned in KFC and with the help of my dad. Then, in the second and third cycle, I didn’t pay a single sun,” added the reality boy.

Why Mario Irivarren could not finish his career?

In an interview that the former member of “Combate” gave to Chiquiwilo, he said that when he was invited by the producer Pepe Lucho to go through a casting on ATV to be part of the “Combate” program, he reconsidered his priorities and had no choice but to leave unfinished professional career.

“When I started, I said: ‘This is for me.’ I lost my scholarship, I gambled everything for everything because they told me there was a prize car. I won it in the second season. I told myself: ‘I am agile, I am strong’. I knew that I was going to eat everyone, but I did not win the car because it was by teams, “he declared.