Marisol and Giuliana: how was their rivalry born and what does the ex-husband of the “Faraona” have to do with it?

The confrontation between Giuliana Rengifo Y Marisol comes to light again in the middle of the dispute between Gisela Valcárcel and Magaly Medina. This is due to the recent visit that ‘Faraona’ made to the set of ‘Urraca’ to talk about the rivalry she has had with the interpreter of “Corazón” for several years.

Find out how this confrontation began off stage and what Marisol’s ex-husband had to do with it.

It all started in September 2014, when Marisol surprised her thousands of fans by announcing that she was officially separating from César Aguilar, her ex-husband and then manager. Although the singer did not want to give more details of her breakup, she hinted that it was due to the appearance of a third person.

“Things that happen in life. Third parties who want to meddle in the relationship? (laughs) I don’t know. The only thing I have to say is that I was totally faithful and dedicated. (…) I did not want to put together a circus of my relationship, the one who always said he was in love was him, ”she expressed for Trome that year.

However, what would have started all this quarrel happened just a few weeks after Marisol confirmed their separation.

It was the missing magazine of Magaly Medina that generated national controversy after publishing some compromising images in which the ex-husband of “Faraona” can be seen kissing Giuliana Rengifo. Since then, the Peruvian artists marked distance between the two.

After the dissemination of the controversial ampay, Marisol was very amazed at the revealed photographs, since she was not aware of this relationship. Likewise, she pointed out that she did not feel affected because they did not have a close bond.

“No, just an acquaintance and I found out about their relationship through the ampay they gave her in the magazine because César does not count his things, ”he clarified.

For her part, Giuliana Rengifo preferred to remain silent for many years and not talk about the brief affair she had with César Aguilar. However, it was in 2022 when she was encouraged to say that her fight with Marisol was due to a man.

“It was a pants issue. The lady felt jealous. She spoke negative things about me and I didn’t like that. From there I decided to leave things there (…). You cannot defend a dog when you know that she did it to you, among women we must take care of her. The first thing they do is attack you and people who are not informed get a bad concept, “she detailed.