Marisol sends a strong message to Giuliana for making her look like the ‘apple of discord’: “I don’t count my personal poverties”

He defends himself! Marisol came out with the “knife” between her teeth in the Magaly Medina program, after the cumbiambera Giuliana Rengifo pointed out that the “Faraona” was a deceived woman. The singer born in Chachapoyas recounted the beginning of her enmity with the former member of Alma Bella.

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The cumbia singer, who criticized ‘Gato’ Cuba after ‘ampay’, pointed out that Giuliana Rengifo wrote to her cell phone to resume their friendship, but she made a drastic decision and made herself respected.

“Suddenly he sent me a message where he said that we could talk to resume our friendly relationship that we had, I blocked it, with what desire I am going to make friends with someone who has wanted to leave me on the ground before all the public that follows me”, said.

“It’s not my fault that his relationship with my manager lasted a month. They know me for my work, I don’t have to go from channel to channel and talk to who I’ve been and who I haven’t, telling my personal poverties, “she added.

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Giuliana Rengifo responds to Marisol: “Do not act worthy that we are in the same boat”

The singer wrote to launch a little girl to the leader of “Marisol and the magic of the North” after the latter was consulted about her person: “Madam, do not act worthy that we are in the same boat and the one that does not fall, slip.”

“I take care of myself a lot, but when they hate you, they will always try to make you look bad and that’s my case… And since I don’t leave and defend myself, I’m bad,” she added.