Mark Vito “dreams of being part of ‘This is war'”, reveals María Pía Copello

The American Mark Vito Villanella he was no stranger to praise for his new physical appearance, several months after ending his marriage to the former presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori. His new figure motivated rumors that she could be part of a reality show on Peruvian television, which were originally made as a joke. However, it was confirmed that he will be part of the show. “The Big Chef: Celebrities”which will be launched by latin television.

Also, in the program “Send who sends”the driver Maria Pia Copello surprised by revealing that the desire of Fujimori’s ex-partner is to participate in the well-known program “This is war“, which belongs to america television.

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What was it that María Pía Copello said in “Send whoever is in charge”?

The well-known host exclaimed in amazement after commenting on the new athletic figure and muscles of this political figure. “That is Mark Vito? Is seriously? What’s up, but I want to tell you something. This yesterday was the subject of discussion in several WhatsAppfrom several friends. Mark Vito She has surprised with that great body. Reliable sources have told me that he dreams, that he would love it, that he wants to be a part, that he dreams of being summoned in “EEG”. Seriously, and if I say it, believe me,” he said. copello.

Besides, Mario Hartwho was a guest, praised Vito Villanella and said that “tomorrow” I should enter “This is war” and that he was physically very well for being 47 years old.

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How many years of marriage did Mark Vito have with Keiko Fujimori and how did they meet?

The former parliamentarian and former first lady of the Peru met the young American when he studied at the columbia university in NY in 2002. They were married on July 13, 2004 in a religious ceremony in mirafloresadministered by Archbishop Juan Luis Cipriani.

Fruit of this union were born kyarain 2007, and kaoriin 2009. On June 21, 2022, Keiko and Mark They ended 18 years of marriage by announcing their final divorce through their social networks.