Mark Vito is shown without a pole on TikTok and Internet users ask for his exercise routine: “My lord”

Fire. Mark Vito continues to create buzz with his growing career as a TikTok influencer. Since the ex-spouse of Keiko Fujimori He ventured into this well-known social network, he has gained a lot of success and his videos do not stop going viral. In addition, her notorious physical change has caught the attention of the public, which does not stop writing compliments.

In his latest publication, Vito appears without a polo, which caused the joy of his fans. The businessman has more than 149,000 followers and all his clips exceed one million views.

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How was the last tiktok that Mark Vito shared?

Seeking to celebrate that he managed to exceed 100,000 followers on said digital platform, Mark uploaded a fun audiovisual material with the title: “When I realize that my videos have gone viral.”

In the clip he appears doing his daily activities thinking about what other video he could record. Even in the legend of the footage, she asks his followers to recommend ideas for creating content on his account. “What kind of content would you like to see? Thanks for the support,” Vito wrote.

In a few seconds of the video, he appears lying on his bed or brushing his teeth, shirtless. It is precisely this part that has unleashed the euphoria of his fans, who do not stop asking for his exercise routine and gave him nicknames. “Pass routine my lord” “Now I really like you” “John Cena, is that you?” “Mr. pass his routine ”, are some of the messages that can be read in the post.

Peluchín says LIVE: “If Mark Vito is better off without Keiko, imagine Peru without her”

Rodrigo Gonzalez He was no stranger to referring to the radical physical change of Mark Vito before his reappearance in networks after his several months of separation from Keiko Fujimori. The host of “Amor y fuego” and his colleague Gigi Miter even talked about the possibility of the public figure being the new signing of a Latin reality show.

Minutes later, Peluchín took the opportunity to read some of the comments that netizens left about Mark Vito’s new appearance. It was there that he read LIVE a meme on social networks that said: “If Mark is better off without Keiko, imagine Peru without Keiko.” Immediately afterwards he said as a joke: “The best solution. It’s true, if that’s how it has been without Keiko Fujimori, we already know what Peru has to do to be much better.”