Mark Vito: What will be the Latina program in which you will appear after your incredible physical change?

Better, harder, more level! Mark Vito has become a trend in social networks after showing in his tiktok account the incredible physical changes to which he has undergone to look a more rejuvenated appearance than the one he had before his separation with Keiko Fujimori.

The truth is that according to Rodrigo González, the ex-husband of the leader of Fuerza Popular will take advantage of his new image to appear on a television program in latin, hoping to attract more users. Will it be the beginning of seeing him as a television figure? We tell you more details, here.

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What Latina show will Mark Vito be appearing on?

The physical changes you have undergone Mark Vito They have attracted attention not only on social networks, but also on television producers, so according to a source from Rodrigo González, he will soon be visiting the set of Latina.

“I’m telling you that Latina is going to launch a show, which is going to be called ‘The Great Chef: Famous’ that will compete – I imagine – with the productions of ‘Farisela’ (Gisela Valcárcel), the cooking shows. Mark Vito will be one (of the guests)”, commented ‘Teddy’ in your program.

For his part, Gigi Miter He pointed out that having him as a guest is a good pull: “I don’t think it’s a bad idea to take him, he’s going to pull. It’s a good idea,” he mentioned while referring to the fact that his presence will generate marketing and “noise” to have more audience.

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What is the program in which Mark Vito will be in Latina?

the program is “The Great Celebrity Chef”it is a cooking segment that will have the presence of 12 show business celebrities who will demonstrate their culinary skills before a jury, submitting to different challenges.

“A cooking reality show is coming, which is not MasterChef, it is a very different proposal, very fun, it is a great kitchen format in the MasterChef style, but it will be more daring,” he commented. Luis Guillermo Camacho a few months ago.

After the release of the preview, it was already revealed that the official driver will be Jose Pelaez, who will arrive to add a touch of fun with his voiceover to the program. It should be noted that the official programming has not yet been announced.

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Kyara Villanela proud of her father’s changes

After becoming a beauty queen in her category, kyara villanela She confessed that she trains with her father, so the TikTok images were not a surprise for her, and she even mentioned that it is due to her preparation for competitions.

“We train together. I guess he’s going to want to compete in powerlifting and I would like to too. He has always trained and has been in wrestling,” said the daughter of former presidential candidate.