Mark Zuckerberg, owner of Meta, presents his new virtual reality headsets playing jenga

The metaverse closer than ever. After Mark Zuckerberg presented his vision of the future during a virtual event transmitted from his social network Facebook, the owner of Meta appears in a video with some helmets of virtual reality playing jenga, chess and interacting with digital objects.

In a 43 second video, Zuckerberg appears testing haptic gloves, possibly one of the upcoming Meta products that users will need to interact within the metaverse.

The description of the publication highlights that these haptic gloves They are capable of creating realistic experiences such as making the textures and pressure of objects found in the digital world felt.

Although the device is in the development stage, the video shows that the tests seem to be going quite well. In the clip it is appreciated that Zuckerberg You can play jenga, roll a dice, enjoy a game of chess, shake hands, or bump your fists. Watch the video here

The metaverse It is a virtual environment that can be entered interconnected with virtual reality devices. It looks like video games and has some of its elements and aesthetics, but this replica of reality is not designed to play, or not only for it, but to reproduce many of the social dynamics of our day to day, from work to go to concerts or shopping. With this concept, Facebook aims to expand the physical world to the digital world, where users can interact in an interconnected space of augmented reality.