Martha Stewart: Behind the Orchids!

Martha Stewart not only liked visiting the Dominican Republic. She was fascinated by visiting an orchid center where she showed admiration for each of the species observed.

For Ruth López, devoted for more than 18 years to the cultivation of orchids, the visit of this international figure was something very special, because she was able to realize the passion and the impact that the American woman caused her cultivation of orchids. A sudden and improvised entrance and a person dressed very elegantly, but with a friendly, close and simple treatment became a memorable event both for the country and for one of our entrepreneurs most dedicated to the cultivation of orchids. It was not be for lowerly. For the first time in history, a famous person of the category of Martha Stewart, television presenter, expert in cooking recipes, designer and American businesswoman visited Orquidomus, one of the best known orchid centers in the Dominican Republic, located in Santo Domingo and owned by doña Ruth López. Doña Ruth says that what impressed her most about Martha’s visit was its simplicity and the fact that she chose to visit only this place over orchid species. Martha acquired several types of orchids that she does not have on her New York farm. Ruth López has more than 18 years dedicated to the cultivation of different species of orchids, ferns and agaves. She started growing orchids in her backyard and from there she grew until she received a special encouragement from a friend who invited her to visit a very famous orchid fair in Singapore. In addition, he lived for a time in the United States, where he worked for many years, especially in Pennsylvania, and had several children, among whom stands out the American politician of Dominican origin Tomas Ramos, former candidate for Congress from the Bronx and founder and president (CEO ) from Oyate Groups, Bronx Rising Initiative.

The arrival

Martha arrived in the company of a person, who was the one who took the photos with her own cell phone. “She came directly from Casa de Campo to my business and she told me that she searched the internet and this was the orchid site that most caught his attention due to the great variety we have. He did not visit any other place of this type, ”enthuses Dona Ruth. “I didn’t realize it was her. He was with another person and a mask. A tall, well-dressed blond lady accompanied by a man told me, you speak English because the lady doesn’t speak Spanish and I told her, of course, where are you from, I asked her in English and she told me, I’m from New York, I’m Martha Stewart and I said what!? With an astonished face and she said yes, “Lopez said in amazement. She comments that since her youth she has been a fan of Martha Stewart for many years because she is a figure, an icon of the kitchen and famous magazines. “Very polite, very leisurely and she took her time to go every part of my nursery and tour it with dedication. She showed me photos of her farm in New York and invited me to visit her. She is a lover of species, which only bloom once a year. He showed me photos of his citrus crops and species of orchids and ferns, “he says. Martha reviewed her visit to Orquidomus on one of her Instagram accounts and highlighted the experience she had with Ruth López: “Yesterday I went to a local nursery in Santo Domingo Oeste. At @orquidomus I met my soulmate Ruth López, who loves orchids, ferns, and agaves as much as I do. His nursery is full of different types of orchids and incredible specimens. It’s worth the visit! ”.