Martín Fort: Husband of sports journalist Talía Azcárate will participate in the new program “In your defense”

Readying engines. latin television announced the premiere ofin your defense”, a program that will address real life issues rarely seen on Peruvian television that will be hosted by the psychologist Lizbeth Cueva, who announced the new production, assuring that the space will seek to bring the viewer closer without selling a lot of “morbidity”, sending her little girl to the ATV driver Andrea Llosa, whose program “Andrea” will be her direct competition.

He new television space will seek to offer Peruvian families a place to solve their legal, labor or neighborhood conflicts that arise. For this, they will have the legal advice of 5 lawyers, one of them being the legal specialist Martín Fort, husband of the renowned sports journalist Talía Azcárete, the first Peruvian to narrate a World Cup match. In this note we share her professional profile.

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Who is Martin Fort?

He lawyer José Martín Ford Bellina He is a graduate with a specialty in civil, corporate, administrative and family law with more than 15 years of experience defending his clients’ legal conflicts.

He lawyer He graduated in Law and Political Science from the renowned University of Lima and belongs to the Lima Bar Association. Likewise, she also has a master’s degree in Political Science and Citizen Participation from the Rey Juan Carlos University of Spain.

His long experience in legal life has led him to deal with important cases in the Financial Intelligence Unit of Peru, where he presented reports to the Public ministry on money laundering. Additionally, he has worked for public entities such as the Municipality of Ate and the province of Callao. Currently, she has been the General Manager of the Modabell educational group since 2019.

Now him advocate He will take on a new challenge on Peruvian television, demonstrating on the field all his abilities to defend those who need it most.

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What is the relationship between Martín Fort and the sports journalist Talía Azcárete?

Although this will be the first time that the jurist will appear on television, this is not a world away for him, since he is the husband of the renowned journalist and television presenter Talia Azcáretewith whom she will share the same television house, since the communicator is in charge of the Latina Noticias sports block.

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What does Martín Fort expect with his participation in the new production of Latina?

He graduate He is very excited to take another step in his profession by defending the rights of more Peruvians.

“All the lawyers are going to provide the legal support of the program… the aim is for the public to learn about their legal rights and obligations,” he commented regarding his contribution to the new Latina space. Also, about being the Andrea Llosa competitionhe specialist He said he is unaware of other similar programs, but he has high expectations that it will be well received.

“I don’t know what the other shows are, I haven’t seen them. But, En Tu Defensa is a different format, which will be presented in a fun, fresh and simple language way so that the public can have fun”, he added. Which program will the public prefer? The mystery will be solved this Monday June 19 from 5:00 on Latina Television.