Martín Liberman and the forceful message to Novak Djokovic: “Who does he think he is?” – VIDEO

After Australia decided to remove Novak Djokovic’s visa, several athletes have taken a stand in the face of this difficult situation that the Serbian tennis player experienced. One of the most recent was Rafael Nadal, who was firm in his ideas regarding vaccines against COVID-19. Given this, the Argentine journalist Martin Liberman He also joined this controversy, with a strong message on social networks.

True to style, Martin Liberman responded to the last statements he gave Rafael Nadal from Australia. The journalist agreed with the words that the Spanish tennis player gave in the midst of this health crisis that afflicts the world, for which he sent a tweet on social networks that generated controversy in a matter of minutes.

“A serious guy who accepts the rules. Djokovic has the right to do what he wants but to stay at home. If he wants to travel the world, he must assume the disposition of each health organism, Who does he think he is ? “, stated Martín Liberman on his social networks.

Message from Martín Liberman after the latest statements by Rafael Nadal.

Rafael Nadal He was also clear in his words regarding what Novak Djokovic experienced in Australia. It respects the freedom of decision of each person, but there are measures in each country that must be respected.

When does the 2022 Australian Open start?

The great competition of the Open Australia 2022 will take place from Monday 17 to Sunday 30 January 2022. One of the favorites was Novak Djokovic, but now he will not be in this competition.