Maryori Morán is awarded as Miss Mesoamerica 2023 and arrives in Peru with her award

Miss Mesoamerica 2023 already has a winner and it is Maryori Morán. The national representative had to go through tough competition to be crowned and she received her award from the hand of the previous miss mesoamericathe Paraguayan model Lisel Recaldewho could not hide her happiness and excitement for giving her title as a Peruvian candidate.

The achievement you achieved Mayori Moran It is something unprecedented, since it is the first time that Peru triumphs in a Miss Mesoamerica. During the contest that began on March 12, our compatriot showed the best qualities and aptitudes of her who requested the beauty contest to select her as the winner in her great one.

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Morán went through the traditional dance stage, wearing a gala dress that enchanted the judges of the contest. Her outstanding performance did not go unnoticed by Jessica Newton, who decided to dedicate some emotional words to the 22-year-old for her achievement.

The joy before being selected as the beauty queen of the contest approached Maryori, since in her social networks it is seen that she left a quite significant message. “The great day for which I have been preparing all this time has arrived. I am determined and with the will of God today I will shine for you and I will compete with my heart,” she said.

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Maryori and her participation in the past Miss Peru

In Miss Peru 2022, where Alessia Rovegno ended up winning, Maryori Morán also participated and was one of the six finalists in the contest organized by Jessica Newton.

In addition to being a professional model, the young woman is an architect and had heartfelt words after her important application to be the Peruvian representative in Miss Universe. “I feel that I have advanced a lot professionally, but also as a person. The contest helped me a lot and has made me more responsible, making my determination grow even more,” she explained.