Master José Delmonte died

The teacher passed away today José Delmonte, founder and director of the Choir of the Catedral Primada de América, because of complications with your health.

The teacher Ondina Matos, director of the National Company of Lyrical Singers, when confirming the information to Diario Libre, said that Professor José Delmonte was at his residence at the time of his death and that for a long time he had suffered from health problems , caused by his advanced age.

The soprano Ondina Matos recalled that maestro José Delmonte left a great mark on choral music in the Dominican Republic and made important contributions in favor of the development of Dominican culture.

“José Delmonte lived for a choral life, there is no choir in this country that has not emerged from the hands of Professor Delmonte. Just as he also helped the formation of the choral direction, almost all the conductors were instructed by him, for me he is the icon of Dominican choral singing ”, he declared.

José Delmonte, in addition to being the founder and director of the Choir of the Primate Cathedral of America, created the choirs of the Dominican Navy, the National Army, the National Police and the Dominican Air Force. He also established the choir of the Club Naco, Club Arroyo Hondo, and the cultural department of the Club Naco, among other achievements.

He was CEO of Fine Arts and Undersecretary of Education. Jose Delmontand directed the defunct El Dorado awards. And for 16 years he was director of the National Choir.

Milagros German

The Ministry of Culture He is dismayed by the death of Professor José Delmonte Peguero, who was Director General of Fine Arts and Undersecretary of Education.

Maestro Delmonte was director of the National Choir for 16 years.

“Rest in peace master, your legacy will remain forever as a star of the Dominican Culture,” said the Minister of Culture, Milagros Germán.


Ondina Matos reported that the remains of Jose Delmonte sThey will be exhibited this afternoon at the Blandino funeral home on Abraham Lincoln Avenue starting at 3:00 pm and on Thursday there will be a mass of the body present in the same place. The burial will be at the Puerta del Cielo cemetery at 11:00 am this Thursday.