Mauri Stern is excited with the presentation of Ricardo Arjona in Yo Soy Internacional [VIDEO]

He got excited. The Mexican singer Mauri Stern was amazed by the incredible presentation that the Ricardo Arjona impersonator gave in I am great international battlesl after being challenged by Celia Cruz.

The Latina jury was fascinated by the great similarity in the artist’s color voice interpretation with the original singer, this after his staging of tell me no.

The imitator, considered the best in Latin America, made the public fall in love with the judges of Yo soy, who claimed to see Ricardo Arjona on the stage.

In the end the choice of the winner was very complicated, because both ‘Celia Cruz‘as the imitator of the Guatemalan artist, they left the judges with their mouths open that due to the difficulty of the decision, they would not have a final result, leaving more than one with surprise. This means that in the next gala of I am international it will be known who was the winner.

“He breathed better, he controlled better. Good dad, good dad! It was the best battle I have ever seen,” he expressed very ecstatic Mauri Stern, who while ‘Ricardo Arjona‘he sang evidenced the emotion.

Janick Maceta trolls Mauri when talking about Magneto: “I’m going to call my mom to explain it to me”

The jury of I am International Janick Maceta did not remain silent in the face of Mauri’s attempt to mock him for his age and ended up trolling him with this epic answer about Magneto. Did you say old?

“Explain to Janick what a cassette is … Well, no, wait, explain what Magneto is, because she must be thinking that he is the superhero of the Avengers, because .. “, the Mexican was saying in a sarcastic tone, being stopped in his tracks with this hilarious comment from the music producer.