Mauricio Diez Canseco celebrates his 58 years with his children with a trip to Machu Picchu

After the controversial divorce between Mauricio Diez Canseco and the singer Lisandra Lizamathe businessman has chosen to keep a low profile due to the various controversies over allegations of assault and the like.

Thus, the latest images that have come to light surprised more than one. Now removed from all the accusations, Mauricio Diez Canseco was seen again in Cusco. exactly, in Macchu Picchu along with five of their children, Rodrigo and Camila Diez Canseco, adults, and the other three minors.

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According to reports, the trip would have been organized and covered by his eldest daughter Camila, with whom he also Mauricio Diez Canseco I would have made the trip. As they also point out, the walk would have served them to recharge their energies and pose new challenges for the businessman’s children who hope to follow in his footsteps.

The family spent their days in Cusco visiting various museums as a family, and even the businessman would have been encouraged to perform a typical dance with the Cusqueñas. In this way, the ‘pizza man’ spent his birthday in the Imperial City and in the Sacred Valley of Urubamba with his family.

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Mauricio Diez Canseco always positive and with work

The businessman returns to social networks after his abrupt marriage with the singer Lisandra Lizamafrom whom he separated less than a year after his marriage.

And it is that Mauricio Diez Canseco He also stated that he is going through “mourning” for the end of the relationship, but he maintains his efforts and work as a businessman. As you remember, it has been a total success with its new release “The Golden Boys”.