Mauricio Ochmann assures that he will marry Paulina Burrola

Mexican reporters approached the interpreter Mauricio Ochmann after his arrival at the DF airport after enjoying his vacations abroad.

The Aztec actor was consulted about the future with his current partner Paulina Burrola specifically if they have already thought about marriage plans, to which Ochmann answered affirmatively.

“Very happy, of course. Well now, the courtship is formal, then later (we got married) “, said the actor to the media The sun rises with a nervous laugh.

The actor also referred to the communication he maintains with his ex-partner and mother of his daughter Aislinn Derbez. He claimed to have a good relationship with the actress for the well-being of little Kailani.

“We are a very close family and we always look out for the best for Kai (…). She is very aware of everything, the most important thing is to see her mother and father happy and the truth is that we get along very well, “said the Mexican artist.

Finally, the artist gave a brief account of what his 2021 was following questions from reporters.

“The truth is that there was everything, ups and downs, but in the end (I am) grateful with life and with what I have had to live, I do not want to say good or bad, because we learn from everything and everything helps us,” he said. .

Likewise, he specified the purposes that he hopes to fulfill this year.

“More than setting goals, (I want) to follow a system of good habits. Obviously there are dreams and goals, but I don’t get involved in anything that escapes me from reality, it’s already a personal matter ”, concluded the interpreter.