Mauricio Pochettino on PSG’s loss to Manchester City: “I’m disappointed”

Paris Saint-Germain lost a great chance to be in the first place of Group A after being defeated 2-1 by Manchester City for the fifth day of the Champions League. Given this, Mauricio Pochettino he analyzed the performance of his team and was annoyed by the result obtained in England.

“Yes, I’m disappointed since —in the first half— City played very well and they forced us to go back. They were very offensive. Then in the second half we scored and we were controlling the game well. Then the City changed and they made us two”, Explained Pochettino in a press conference.

Likewise, the Argentine coach stressed that, despite the defeat, his team could qualify for the next round and that the difference was in Germany. “Manchester City has a lot of merit, they are a great team. For us, the important thing was to qualify. We beat City in the Parc des Princes and we lost here. The difference is that we tied with Leipzig and that’s why we finished second”He added.

Finally, when asked about the rumors that linked him to Manchester United, the former Tottenham coach discarded any link. “I am not the one who generates rumors. Since I was little I have played soccer and as a coach I have been for many years. I know rumors are sometimes positive, sometimes negative and, well, it only remains to manage all those things. We are focused on doing the best for our team”, He specified.