Mayimbú cries and apologizes to Chino Risas after calling him a traitor: “I respect him a lot”

the remembered television character Mayimbú does not stop giving people talk, because now in the midst of tears he apologized to his coworker Chino Risas after calling him a traitor.

Let’s remember that a few days ago the now comedian claimed to feel betrayed by the Chinese, because he did not summon him for the Jirón del humor. “I’m drinking because I felt betrayed (…) I’m not going to be (in Latina),” the member of Verano Extremo said indignantly.

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But now mayimbú with tears in his eyes he decided to apologize to Alcy Cleyde Nivin Pacheco, Chinese Laughterfor the bad comments he had against him when he was talking with the Crazy Pildorita.

“One talks just to talk and I’m not going to speak ill of the ChineseYou know that I respect the Chinese. I’m not going to talk bad about you anymore, I missed it. I am no longer going to record with Loco Pildorita, nor that he calls me or that he rings me because I am paying a duck for him,” the artist who worked in Latina is heard saying.

In addition, he asked the comedian Chachin not to suspend him from his work, because he is experiencing financial problems and apparently his only source of work.

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Users angry with Mayimbú for criticizing their colleagues

Dozens of users were very angry with mayimbú, after criticizing Chino Risas and Chachin. That is why they asked the last of these to remove him from his work team.

“Chachin, throw him away from this ungrateful trunk”, “Chachi, throw him away, he’s a trunk. Perhaps Pildorita tells him to talk like that, he just talks. Don’t forgive him”, “Chachin, that character is not a friend, he’s an enemy”, “The headache of Chachin”, read some of the comments.

However, the comedian Chachin is apparently more than convinced to keep him in his ranks, because he assured that it would be the last chance he gives him.

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What did Chino Risas reply to Mayimbú?

After mayimbú branded as treasonous Chinese LaughterPacheco assured that his ex-partner calls him every day to reproach him for not being part of Jirón del humor. That is why he decided to tell her that he will join the cast in 2300.

“Every day he calls me (mayimbú). He tells me treacherous, why didn’t you take me. You take the weakest and not me who am the strongest” he points out Chinese Laughterwho also reiterates that the person in charge of the invited artists is the production and ends by pointing out, “Suddenly the fat guy will have his chance on 2300. I tell him to be patient,” said Chino.