Mayimbú speaks after being fired by Chino Risas: “I will say things as they are”

mayimbú He is one of the most popular street comedians in all of Peru. After his time in “Bienvenida la tarde”, he gained great fame and became a character much loved by the public. He then stayed away from television and, years later, he continued working on the streets, until he became part of the cast of Alcy Nivim Pacheco, El Chino Risas.

However, during a broadcast on Instagram, Nivim Pacheco confirmed that he fired José Luis Mendoza Páucar, the original name of the singular artist. Given this, the latter made another live in which he expressed how sorry he was for this event.

“I know that people are going to miss me a lot. I know that people are going to tell me: ‘Where is Mayimbú? What happened to Mayimbú’s life?’ When people miss me, I will be there, working, demonstrating what I have learned from Chinese, demonstrating in all places”, he stated.

“I want to (thank) Chino Risas. I am withdrawing from the cast (…) What happens is that sometimes (…) I will say things as they are, since I was alone in the street, I had no one to advise me. I have always been rebellious. Sometimes when they do something to me, I don’t calm down, I explode, I deny”, he added.

The Chinese Laughter He explained that he decided not to work with Mayimbú anymore because the comedian caused him many problems that were continuous.

“Yes, gentlemen, I already threw Mayimbú out. I told him: ‘Thank you very much, chubby, for making me angry all this year. Thanks for stressing me out all these months,’ and I fired him. He thought it was a joke and he already found out that it is true, ”he said.