Mayimbú talks about why he was not summoned for “Jirón del humor”: “I feel betrayed”

with the announcement of “Sliver of humor”, It was put in expectation who would make up the cast of the new Latina program. At first, it was known that Chino Risas and some other traveling comedians would be on TV screens, but many were surprised when they were not taken into account. Mayimbu, character who worked on the San Felipe avenue channel and also accompanied Alcy Cleyde Nivin Pacheco on several occasions on the streets.

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Mayimbú pronounces on “Jirón del humor”

As it was expected, mayimbú he was able to talk about his absence in the humorous space of channel 2. In a conversation with Loco Pildorita, he revealed how he felt when he was excluded from the project that brought back the traveling comedians. In addition, he was upset by the new faces of the program.

“I am drinking, because I have felt betrayed (…) I have been the first special, the first of the cast of Chino Risas (…) I am not going to be (in Latina), but it makes me angry that these characters are going to be there,” he said.

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Chino Risas explained why Mayimbú will not be in “Jirón del humor”

A few weeks ago, the Chinese Laughter He made a live broadcast on his social networks and was answering some questions from his followers. It was at that moment that they asked him if Mayimbú would be one of the talents of the comic space.

“I am going to explain the subject of Mayimbú. Many people think that the program is mine or I have an influence, but it is not so. All the artists that are integrating (the cast) are there because they are called from the production. They watch and, if they are It seems good, they bring them,” he said.