Mayra Goñi spent Christmas and New Years away from her family: “It is inevitable to get sad”

He didn’t have a good time. Mayra Goñi is living in Miami, USA, in search of her internationalization, and she spent not only Christmas, but also New Years alone, which affected her a lot.

In their social networks, The singer finally spoke after a few days of silence that worried her fans, and she was grateful for the love she has received.

“How are you? I know I have been missing and I apologize. There are many who have been writing me messages of ‘Mayra, what happened? Why don’t you put any of your crazy stories? I miss you,'” he said Mayra Goñi.

“They have even written to my brother to say: ‘Hello, we want to know if Mayra is okay’ and he ‘yes, it’s okay’. He all worried says to me: ‘Are you okay?’ and I say to him: ‘Of course, brother,’ we always talk, “he added.

Mayra Goñi She told how difficult it was to spend these dates alone. “I want to confess that it has been inevitable to get a little sad because obviously these dates have passed, Christmas, New Year especially and one misses the family,” he said.

After these words, the young woman also spoke about how her house is looking and was proud because her effort to leave everything in search of an improvement is paying off. Many forces!

Mayra Goñi joins jokes for April Fools’ Day: “I’m pregnant with Jhonny”

A few days ago, for April Fools’ Day, Mayra Goñi He tried to fool his more than three million followers with a curious message next to the image: “I was dying to tell them that they will be uncles (I wish I had never got that tattoo),” he said.

The publication quickly caught the attention of her audience, and while some congratulated her on this alleged new stage in her life, other users did not believe her, and many quickly noticed that it was a joke.