Medics remove live grenade from chest of Ukrainian soldier in risky operation

A terrible experience was lived in Ukraine. One of the 29-year-old Army soldiers, whose name is being withheld, was embedded with a VOG active grenade in the thoracic area. Happily, the medical team, led by Andriy Verba57, one of the most experienced surgeons in the Ukrainian Armed Forces, managed to remove it in a risky operation with the fear that it could detonate.

The Ukrainian government described this case as a “lucky scare”. Even the Vice Minister of Defence, Hanna Maliarcelebrated the fact and stated that “not all injuries in the heart area are fatal.”

Until now, specialists do not understand how manwho was transferred with the utmost caution to the hospital, could have had the device inside without it detonating, since this type of explosives usually does it after approximately 20 seconds of its launch. According to the sources of the European country, these grenades have been used since the start of the war in the nation, in 2014.

The operation was attended and supervised by two sappers and several soldiers specializing in explosives. The Ukrainian soldier is undergoing rehabilitation and recovery.

“His condition is stable,” reported the adviser to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Anton Gerashchenko. “I think this will be a case that will stay in the medical textbooks,” he concluded.