Meet the businesses that Giuliana Rengifo has at the doors of her 39 years

The singer national Giuliana Rengifo in recent days has been in the public eye, after Magaly Medina revealed her Ampay with a married notary who goes by the name of Paul Pineda. However, the artist shows that her life goes on and is completely dedicated to her musical career and the endeavors she has. Which are? In this note from El Popular we tell you.

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The businesses that Giuliana Rengifo has

Giuliana Rengifo is a nationally well-known cumbia singer who has worked for important musical groups such as Agua Bella and performed some songs for the series Al fondo hay lugar.

However, despite the great artistic career she has, she does not sit idly by and decided to become an entrepreneur in order to generate extra income for her home.

In an exclusive interview with El Popular, the singer revealed that she opened her boutique four months ago. Giuliana Rengifo and a short time later she launched her own line of perfumes called ‘Sweet Heart’.

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What did Giuliana Rengifo do during the pandemic?

The pandemic economically affected the whole world and national artists such as Giuliana Rengifo They also had to find a way to continue working and for this reason during 2020 they sold beauty products online.

“I am in a new business selling personal care and beauty products. I want to feel useful, thank God I don’t lack anything at home, neither me nor my daughters, but I want to be more active. Now I am on the subject of marketing the products, in addition, my daughter is helping me a lot with the promotion of the brand on networks”, Giuliana told El Trome.

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Giuliana Rengifo: Who are you getting involved with?

The cumbia singer, Giuliana Rengifo, has recently been linked to a notary from Pucallpa named Paul Pineda, who is married on papers to a prosecutor named Katherine Tapia and they have three children. Their link would have started after an ampay from Magaly TV La Firme.

In the ampay presented by Magaly Medina, the notary Paul Pineda is seen paying for the taxis, but the strongest of the images are the kisses he gives to the singer Giuliana Rengifo.

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Giuliana Rengifo revealed if she used her ampay to promote her music

Giuliana Rengifo She was questioned on the program En Boca de Todos for having made publications about her musical career and not to clarify the issues, however, the singer revealed that she did not regret what she had done, because if Magaly Medina was going to use her person to do rating, she would do the same.

“I have a song that I was going to release at the end of the month, it’s true, but Magaly wanted to take advantage of it to give me a rating… why can’t I do it? why can’t I take advantage of these circumstances to sell more of my work? Julia.

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Did Giuliana Rengifo go to a party after ampay?

After the controversial ampay in which she was involved Giuliana Rengifothe singer shared a video on her social networkswhere he is seen dancing with his musical partner Javier Yaipén, one of the leaders of the “Hermanos Yaipén” orchestra, as he is celebrating his birthday party.

In the Instagram story, Giuliana Rengifo accompanies the video with the phrase “Happy birthday Javier Yaipén”, along with a sticker of a birthday cake. However, next to the person recording the video, one of the partygoers approaches and consecutively repeats: “Los caseritos de Magaly”.